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Obstructive sleep apnea affects 12-15% of the population and estimates are that about 80% of OSA patients remain undiagnosed. Untreated sleep apnea adversely affects quality of life and can pose an increased risk from comorbid illness arising from cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias and stroke. OSA has also been linked to increased risk from vehicular accidents, diabetes and depression.

The multiple visits required to a specialists’ offices and sleep centers pose significant barriers for patients. Especially vulnerable are patients who cannot afford the high cost of such diagnostic and treatment options.

The VirtuSLEEP program is designed to streamline care and reduce costs while ensuring the highest quality of care possible. The relatively small percentage of patients who require more complex workup are actively identified and moved towards formal sleep center evaluation.


Patients who are identified potentially at high risk for obstructive sleep apnea by a physician, dentist or DME company are scheduled for a telemedicine consultation with one of our experienced sleep providers from SleepMedRx. The consult is scheduled within DocViaWeb, a web-based telemedicine software that can be easily accessed by patients, dentists and DME companies.

Once the date and time for an online consultation is confirmed, patients receive a confirmation email with details of their upcoming consultation within the DocViaWeb portal. Patients are then asked to fill out an easy but comprehensive sleep and medical history form with just a few clicks. They are now ready for their teleconsultation.


On the day of the consultation, the patient receives an email reminder prior to the start of their appointment. They can login from any computer or mobile device to our state-of-the-art HIPAA secure audio-video platform to complete a teleconsult with one of our physicians or highly trained advanced nurse practitioners.

The prescribing clinician reviews the patient’s medical history, puts the findings into clinical context and most importantly educates and answers the patient’s questions. They take a comprehensive approach to the patient’s sleep health and the variety of potential sleep diagnosis. A home sleep test may be ordered at the end of the consultation.


The patient receives a highly sophisticated but easy to use home sleep testing kit from VirtuOx by mail which includes easy instructions and access to our 24/7 patient support helpline. Once the patient completes taking the home sleep test as per the instructions, they mail the device back in a prepaid envelope.

The home sleep test is then interpreted by one of our licensed and board-certified sleep physicians. Test results and any related prescriptions for PAP or dental device are immediately available in the DocViaWeb portal.


A prescription for PAP or a dental device is available to referring physicians, dentists and DME with related medical notes. All consultation and sleep testing results are accessible within the web-based dashboard.

We maintain close communication with the referring physician, dentists and DME throughout the patient’s treatment course and provide home sleep testing ordered for monitoring treatment efficacy based on AASM and AADSM recommendations.

Depending on the recommended treatment option, we can arrange for a prescription for PAP to be sent directly to a local in-network DME company or a prescription for oral appliance therapy to a dentist.

A referring physician, dentist or DME company can request follow up consultations at any time. We recognize that managing sleep apnea as a chronic disease is extremely important and our team is always available for assistance.

AASM recommends efficacy testing and continued care after treatment optimization. Once requested, SleepMedRx clinicians order a home sleep test and deliver results back to the referring office with further recommendations.


The VirtuSLEEP program follows all AASM guidelines for telemedicine consultation and testing as well as for recommended treatment pathways. We strongly believe that taking the patient’s preference into account is key to their long-term success while recommending any treatment.

The VirtuSLEEP program is designed to leverage technology and allow physicians, dentists and DME to focus on their areas of expertise and core competencies. SleepMedRx clinicians make the diagnosis and treatment recommendations while referring physicians, dentists or DME can confidently treat patients with recommended treatment options and work collaboratively with patients in a seamlessly way from diagnosis to follow up.

The VirtuSLEEP program’s fee structure has been designed in a way to stay affordable for patients. We strive to avoid high cost testing whenever possible but always keep in mind that some patients may require more complex testing. VirtuOx is in-network with all major insurance payers in all states. Their experienced benefits team communicates out of pocket costs directly with patients prior to testing.

The progress of the patient through the consultation and testing process can be tracked on the DocViaWeb dashboard in real time. Test results and prescriptions are immediately accessible to referring DME’s and patients.