The Sleep Apnea Market is at a Tipping Point - Americans Can’t Sleep! And They’re Learning About Sleep Apnea

  • You Can Be Their CPAP Therapy Supplier, expand to any US state - or go global!
  • VirtuSLEEP by VirtuOx is a sleep telemedicine program that allows DME companies to qualify patients for new medical equipment and existing patients with renewal prescriptions

When Left Untreated, Sleep Apnea Can Result In Or Contribute To These Serious Health Problems:

  • Qualify New Patients For Equipment Like Oxygen, CPAP, NIV And More
  • Renewal prescriptions for patients on held sales

5 Easy Steps VirtuSLEEP by VirtuOx Program for DME companies

VirtuSLEEP by VirtuOx is a customized telemedicine program for DME companies to easily provide testing and treatment for Sleep Apnea patients.


Once your patient registers and schedules a telemedicine consult in the comfort of their home, our sleep telemedicine specialist will order a Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) if clinically indicated.


Your patient's Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) will be shipped directly to their home. If they have any questions they can call our sleep coach 24 hours per day!


Once the patient pairs the Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) to their smart device, the sleep results will be automatically sent to our sleep telemedicine specialist for review and professional interpretation.


Our sleep telemedicine specialist will refer patients to your DME company to obtain CPAP.


You can mail your patient all of their supplies and set them up virtually with the VirtuPAP Program that is included in your membership.

VirtuSLEEP by VirtuOx Telemedicine


Added benefits:

virtual cpap setups

  • Connect with patients via phone or smart device.
  • Improved patient compliance.
  • No more travel time (or money) going to patients' homes.
  • Virtual visits for initial set-up, troubleshooting, follow-up and mask management.

Benefits of VirtuSleep by VirtuOx Virtual CPAP Setups

HIPAA Secure

DME Cost Savings

Patient convenience


HIPAA Secure

Have your own Respiratory
Therapist see your own patients.

DME Cost Savings

No more travels to
patients’ homes.

Patient convenience

Patients stay at home for
setup, instead of traveling to a
DME location.


Resolve patient issues
quickly and reduce
troubleshooting time.

Who is VirtuSLEEP by VirtuOx?

VirtuOx is a Joint Commission approved Medicare certified, Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) that performs over 40,000+ new diagnostic tests each month in the patient’s home that consists of:

  • Overnight Pulse Oximetry (POX)
  • Home Sleep Testing (HSAT)
  • Insomnia Testing (EEG)
  • Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT)
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Industry leading web-based management
applications that consists of:

  • Sleep Telemedicine Software
  • Sleep Dentist / Sleep Physician Software
  • Hospital Discharge Software
  • Durable Medical Equipment Software

Medical Devices that consist of:

  • Overnight Pulse Oximetry / Patient Monitors / Capnograph Machines
  • CPAP Cleaners
  • Chain of Custody Sleep Devices

What people say


Sleep Apnea is a medical condition in which the person’s airways close briefly during sleep. These pauses in breathing (called ‘apneas’) disturb the flow of oxygen to the body and cause the person to awake very briefly. This can happen multiple times during the night, even hundreds of times.
The countless apneas, or pauses in breathing, leave you feeling very fatigued during the day. You are at a higher risk of drowsy driving and car accidents. You are also less productive at work and in other daily activities. Reduced oxygen affects your health, including putting your heart and diabetes at risk. Plus, your body doesn’t get the restorative sleep required to maintain good health.
Symptoms include loud snoring on a regular basis, waking up, gasping or choking, daytime fatigue, drowsy driving and difficulty staying awake during the day.
An in-home sleep test is the best first step to learn if you might have Sleep Apnea. The results will tell your doctor if you will benefit from Sleep Apnea treatment, or if you would benefit more from another therapy.
If you have any of the Sleep Apnea symptoms, it’s critical to get tested as soon as possible. When you delay getting treatment, you delay improving your health.
The at-home test is very easy -- involving a small monitor you’ll wear on your finger, which will track your breathing during the night. You’ll wear it while sleeping in your own bed at home, not a sleep lab. Results will go straight to a sleep telemedicine specialist for evaluation. Then you’ll learn what your next steps should be to get treatment.

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